Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Girl With the Flowers in Her Hair

Once upon a time their was a girl who wore flowers in her hair. This may sound like a fairy tale, but she was not a princess. She gets the right grades. She has lots of friends. She's the good girl, but this fairytale facade can only stay up for so long.

This girl chooses the wrong guys. She wants things she's not supposed to want. She falls in love to fast, and ends up with a broken heart. She dreams to big. This is the side of her few people see. The side thats not supposed to be shown. She must find a way to balance the yin and yang. The angel and devil on her shoulders must find a compromise.

ABOUT THE LOOK: Spring is right around the corner (at least for us Californians) and everyone is starting to shed the layers of winter. The sun is starting to come out, and soon the flowers will be blooming (hence the flower crown in both of my looks)!

The First look: This look gives off more of a girly, innocent vibe with the little lace detailing of the shirt, and all the other little touches of the outfit. This outfit is very versatile and can be worn for various occasions such as a date, a family outing, or any occasion you want to be slightly more dressy for!
White top: Urban Outfitters
Maroon skirt: Brandy Melville
Wedges: Steve Madden
Flower Crown: American Eagle

Look 2: This look is my absolute favorite! I love the grungy look the combat boots give the outfit and the edgy feel the whole outfit has. When I wear this, I feel so punk and edgy.....even though I'm definitely not. I see this look at a concert, a day with friends, or a look ready for a crazy night!
Bad Luck Top: Brandy Melville
Combat Boots: Platos Closet
Cardigan: Brandy Melville
Shorts: Urban Outfitters


Failing to be artsy

Can't even explain this one....
Don't fall....Don't fall

Gotta fix the haaaiiiiir

Also I wanna give a big thank you to my BEAUTIFUL photographer and best friend, Baylie!

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