Monday, January 27, 2014


Here's to the teens who can't fall asleep because of the big dreams floating through their minds. Here's to the teens who have been called crazy for even dreaming at all. Here's to us. 

My name is Jordan Stewart and I am a dreamer. I am only 15 years old and I dream of a chaotic fashion-filled life. Here are some of my crazy dreams!

Dream 1: Have a successful fashion blog.
Well this is the first post on my new blog and, I'm crazy to want one that prospers. Even with this doubt in my mind, I want it.  A good friend of mine, Shelby, has a fashion blog called, and she has inspired me to make this. I love fashion and writing so I thought I could put them together and make this! 
A picture of Shelby from her blog.

Dream 2: Live in a Big City
The lights! The glamour! The hustle and bustle! I love it all! A big city like New York or LA is where I belong. 
Me overlooking New York.

Dream 3: Write for a fashion magazine.
This is the biggest of all of my dreams and I know it will be difficult. I love all magazines like Seventeen, Allure, Vogue, Elle, and many more! Working at any of those, especially Seventeen, would be, obviously, a dream come true.

This blog will show my journey to hopefully make these dreams a reality through my favorite thing, fashion. 

Below are just a few pictures I've taken, but on my next post I will have a full styled outfit.

Thanks for reading and I hope you follow me on my journey chasing my dreams :)
XOXO Jordan 

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